Photography / Cycling

Lovely experience with a family of Swans. The signets all looked happy and healthy.

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Photography / Nature

Two images of the 2024 April 8th Eclipse captured a few moments ago via shitty sony a6000. Quite the experience - it was as dark as night. I wished I had a better camera set up, but this will have to do. Also got some shots via a paper pinhole “camera.”

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Miscellaneous / Technical

This post is here for my old brain so I can refer to it in the future when I make updates again without scratching my head (too much).


  • added the more robust ngx editor options for better html support via app module.

  • added more meta tags (title) and fixed description to strip html when a link is posted elsewhere (twitter). This is related to SSR func., and makes those cards adhere to standards (like anyone cares).

  • recently made a separate app via Xcode/swift to upload images in more controlled fashion. It works better than the built in web uploader, but it’s still a colossal pile of…

  • update tweet functionality so it works with v2 api and it uploads up to three images (I dont like the way four looks). Did not have to get new keys, which was nice. Deprecated the old tweet func altogether.


  • fixed the backend so that the blog post comments would upload again. This was related to not having the two way binding configured correctly.

Notes for Deploy

  • when updating site dist files, make sure to restart pm2 service for main as this is the server js file that makes SSR work. The server process in pm2 is for the node api.

  • don’t worry about copying all the node files over, just the ones you update. It’ll work. Update the env vars after deploy.

  • always make sure to edit the env props in two files in ng as this does not work auto for some reason (even though it should and I dont care/mind if it doesnt). edit: this is fixed for the angular front end now.

Other Things and ToDos

Make the web-based image uploader good one day…

Update Angular to newest version soon.

I always tell myself to update the CSS, but I actually don’t mind it, even though I know it could be better - I just don’t have the design chops, but there’s nothing terribly wrong with it either. I once asked my brother to take a look at the earliest design of this site and he did direct me in the right direction as the initial idea was trash.

I also want to add the ability to edit the post directly from the public posting, and to produce a better dedicated editor file for that. Currently, the editor is too simple and a PITA to use.

Finally, just noticed that the CSS does not format correctly for chrome (but it does in safari).

Videogames / Nintendo / GameBoy

Picked this up randomly a week ago at a Walmart. Planning on handing it over to my nephew next time I see him, but for now, check out that cool lenticular sticker!

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Admin Wednesday, April 3, 2024
Note - gave it to my nephew this past Monday and he seemed to dig it. Actual enthusiasm or feigned joy to please his uncle? We'll never know.

Rachael at the fabric store trying to pick something out.

Anonymous User Wednesday, March 13, 2024
Is GIF support new
Admin Wednesday, March 13, 2024
No, but I rarely ever upload them. There should be a few other posts with gifs. I should tag them...