Here are some pics of the eclipse taken via a pinhole camera or a pair of those glasses that may or may not have created permanent retina damage.


Here's rachael in the backyard.



Pure Fear

Always wanted to go to this weird haunted house thing at festivals. Finally convinced Rachael to come inside with me. Here's a picture of Rachael scared to death.

Tree, Facing West

Took this a few weeks ago. Perfect time of day, approaching dusk, facing West, sitting on a Sobi. All those little specs on the right are insects.

Alex's Important Phone Call

Alex made a picturesque phone call today. Lane was watching him. Here are some pictures.

Office Art

Lots and lots of neat art around the office. The featured image is by Kenojuak Ashevak. It's a Cape Dorset Bird (which I believe is a part of a series).

Here are some other images from around multiple offices.

Rail Tracks

I get to enjoy a pretty nice walk home from work. Here's some art student desolation.

Rachael at Gage Park

Here's rachael and some pics of her at gage park in front of the fountain

Rainy Walks to Mac

I used to work at McMaster University and one of the best things was the walk over the highway every day. Here's a shot from May 2017. I'm going to miss these walks.

Rachael & Lady Min

Rachael really wants a dog, but having three cats already means we've reached our pet quota. It's nice that her friend Sarah lets us borrow her dog so we can get the "dog experience."

Here are some pics of Rachael and Lady Min the dog at Gage Park.