A photo of a punk on a skateboard stealing an old man's dog. A renaissance statue of a modern woman holding a living bird. A circuit board that looks like an overhead view of a city. A painting of a robot eating a banana in the style of Jean Giraud. A realistic photo of the end of the world as viewed from outer space by an astronaut. Photo of an old computer in the sand at the beach during a sunset with a skull next to it. A computer circuit board with red hair growing from the microchips. A photo of Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel but Adam is replaced with an owl and god is replaced with a spaceship.

Obviously, these are prompts to ask openAI to generate images via some weirdly trained machine learning model that they’ll further train by finding out which image I asked the model to iterate. Regardless, these are all hideous and they demonstrate the depths of the Uncanny Valley we currently find ourselves in. Can’t say I’m getting as impressive or as fun results from the MidJourney Discord, but I actually still have access to openAI, so this will have to do for now.

The other thing to mention is all the recent controversy about AI art as it is nothing more than a passable image created by averaging out meta data and images from other, real, human, content. I guess this is the end result of the internet - a bunch of ugly garbage created by non-artists to put artists out of work. Not to say all the AI art I’ve seen is bad, but judging by what people chose to hang on their walls and have tattooed on their bodies, the stuff generated by the black box will make people happy. And it t will only gain in popularity as people’s desires to pay artists disappears in place of a subscription to a learning model that makes you the artist instead (on the backs of millions and millions sets of data mined from the hours of work from real people).

The artistry of the future will be how well you can write a prompt.