Rode down to the lift bridge via the beach front today and took my RX100 in order to get some snaps. Lucky enough to see an Algoma Corp ship cross under the bridge and overall I managed a couple of okay-ish shots today. The RX100 is such a disappointing camera simply because I never feel like the device is capturing the images as I experienced them.

The pictures show haze and an overcast mood, but my experience was sun and clarity - it’s almost as if the camera is adding unnecessary processing in order to please the user. The other issue with this camera is that the images - even outdoors in the sun - are not very bright. I have the camera set to 100 iso to avoid the grain that this camera is known for, but I’m now reconsidering that decision. This is a point and shoot and I’m going to treat it that way in the future by moving away from its manual features.

The bike ride itself was quite good and in spite of the 30 degree Celsius heat, I was able to make good time along the beachfront as the wind conditions were favourable this day.

If anyone is out there is watching my hobby/tinkering site - please enjoy.