I’m currently thinking of the awful war in Ukraine and hoping things in this world can become sane once again. In spite of all the trouble, here are some pics Ive snapped over the last month or so. Of note are the interesting things I have found under the floorboards of my currently-in-renovations attic. The packages are likely from the knob and tube system that was deployed to delivery power to this house when it was built close to one hundred years ago.

Smith and Stone was a Georgetown, On company that is now shuttered, but you can find some interesting photos of its history on this facebook page. Also of note are a couple of Tim Horton’s “roll up the rim” cups from the 1999 promotion. Those must have been left there along with some of the seriously sketchy wiring that was done. Both loser cups, by the way.

Also enjoy a picture of Moseby sitting on our dining room table as well as a image of a Nokia P-30 dial pad. Should I sell it?